Goat Game


Role: Lead Game Artist, Designer

  • Created all art, characters, and environments
  • Created concept and design in a team of two
  • Total team of 3 developers with a relatively small time frame

This game was the culmination of my MFA. It was produced for Android devices. It was a great opportunity to step outside of the big machine and work in a small group without limitations. We wanted to create exaggerated realism with the game play, and leave people laughing and keep returning to achieve and higher and higher score.

We purposely kept the mechanics as simple as possible. My goal was to create a rhythm of swiping and tapping that felt both natural and challenging. It was a fun intro into mobile game mechanics for me, and I still think it is hilarious adorable violence!

Platforms: Mobile, Android

Tools: Maya, Photoshop, Zbrush, Unity3D