I’m Gabriel, a game artist and level designer currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’ve spent the past 7 years working at Avalanche Studios making video games for Disney and teaching in the #1 Game Program in the states at the University of Utah in their Masters program.

I approach game making and level design with fun at the very core, and I’ve discovered over the last few years that the root of my creative style lies in developing toys. I don’t see obstacles. I don’t see chores. I don’t see tasks. I don’t see things in black and white or the way they are supposed to be.  I see missions. I see goals, confetti, finish lines and gold trophies. I push the limits on what can be accomplished. I see challenges, solutions, and answers. I want to test the limits, find the creative wrapper, take the fun out of the box, and take risks. I see things the way they could be.

My wife, three children and I love to explore, go on adventures and smash things. We like to have fun.


Email: Gabriel@GabrielOlson.com
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